Below are a few of my
favorite art supplies
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Set of 5 Golden Taklon Brushes (#9139)

This synthetic Golden Taklon set contains five short handled brushes: Round 2, 4, and 6, and Angular Shader 1/4 and 1/2. Short Handle.  Cost saving price.


I recommend Blick “Premium” Grade Tempera.

The quality, color and blending ability are superb.

You can work it thin like watercolors or heavy like acrylic.

Colors to start with:

Blue, Red, Yellow, White and Black

Add if you can:

Emerald Green, Violet, Burnt Sienna

If you can add more Yeah:

Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Pink and Metallic Gold


for the Mom who doesn’t want liquid paint or for kids under age 5.

Alphacolor Biggies Trey of 8 – (#00006-0099)

I prefer the liquid but there are times when you need this easy to use paint in cakes.


There are quite a variety of papers.  You can paint on most anything but this is a good quality, quantity and price.

Strathmore 300 Series Student Watercolor Paper / 24 Pack (#10085-1023)

A heavyweight, 140 lb (300 gsm) paper with a cold press surface to accept a variety of watercolor techniques. Acid-free.

Transfer Paper

(#10501-2220)  Get the Gray, 4 sheets, 9×13

I use this all the time with my students.  It’s like carbon paper but Graphite.  When you get a cool drawing that you want to be on nice watercolor paper, you just place the transfer paper underneath your drawing to make a copy.

Example:  Sometimes students draw too small.  If it’s a lovely drawing, I just enlarge it on my copier, then the student can transfer it to nice paper.  This allows a nice design more size appropriate (larger) for painting…..

They are re-usable !  They last for a super long time over and over!

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